We are a family run business at Tribal Taste, with a combined experience of 20 years in catering and the food industry. We love good food and want to share this love of food by providing healthy, great tasting dishes to our customers. We believe that food connects, and by sharing our experience of the vast food culture of Africa, that, shows just how much, different cuisines from around the globe have in common and how connected we really are.

Catering for all types of events, weddings, private functions, parties, bbq's (Smoked Meats e.g. briskets, ribs, wings etc), we are on the move serving good African & Globally inspired food. Our clients enjoy the taste of success at business meetings, private parties BBQ's and other special events

Our signature dishes are a "Grilled & Filled Flatbread" with two different marinades. One is marinated in Chermoula (a Moroccan garlic herb and spice mix) served on a Flatbread and the other is a South African dish marinated in a sweet, tangy and spicy sauce with apricots and served on a Flatbread. We marinate Chicken Breast, Lamb or Veg and then grill them to perfection for a flavourful, succulent, tender dish with aroma's from our own homemade marinades and sauces (which we've made available to you from our online shop).

We always take into account what the client wants and then use our expertise to make the perfect menu and provide it in a very detailed quote. We also offer a taster session for a small fee, which then helps a client to see how the food is presented and how it tastes, so, that they may make decisions that lower the stress levels of event planning.

The joy it brings to serve food that makes every event or gathering a memorable one is what we aspire to.