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Welcome to Onyx Honey. Honey, from our beehives that we manage at several urban apiaries in Berkshire & Surrey, England. From the beehive to the jar, nothing but, pure honey.

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Get involved and help the bees by donating to help us increase the number of beehives/colonies, bee feeding, varroa treatments, rescuing swarms, swarm removal, promoting beehives in communities.

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Bee Involved and ADOPT A BEEHIVE for ONE YEAR
Are you interested in making a difference to the immediate need to repair our environment? Our Honeybee Beehive Adoption plan maybe just the thing for you or your business?

Onyx Honey offers a straight-forward, adopt a Honeybee Beehive Adoption plan, that is open to businesses, charities, individuals, local authorities, organisations & schools.

When you adopt a honeybee beehive from Onyx Honey you will provide an immediate contribution to biodiversity and the wider environment as a new hive of bees will be created, this will in turn increase pollination and therefore have a positive impact on the food supply chain.

Bees contribute enormously to gardens, the countryside and to the general enhancement of landscapes. Bees are important contributors to world food-production therefore their health is directly linked to our own well-being. Not only flowers and food crops are pollinated by bees but, trees also require pollination by bees. This is important because trees stabalise soil structure, they support wild life and of course provide the oxygen we all need to live.

For businesses, we offer ways to demonstrate corporate social responsibility with purpose and a clear, positive outcome, such as our popular Honeybee Beehive Adoption Plan.

If you are in the local area and have sufficient space, we could possibly place your adopted hives on your business premises subject to assessment and that would have to be a minimum of two hives.

We propose a simple, highly competitive beehive adoption annual fee of £280 + VAT per annum, where you will receive all of the benefits detailed below as part of your honeybee beehive adoption plan.

  • ​ A personalised plaque featuring your logo on the hive and publicity on social media, our website, and our You Tube channel.

  • 1 x A4 digital adoption certificate

  • Postcards with detailed information about Onyx Honey beehive adoption plan.

  • Regular, social media updates, including pictures and videos of your branded adopted beehive, across all of our social media platforms.

  • This means you can share our content with your own social media community and create fantastic stories around the positive environmental benefits of honeybee beehive adoption.

  • Your company logo and bespoke environmental message will be uploaded to our dedicated Adopt a Beehive website page, so you can send links to your clients.

  • Licence free, professional, high-resolution images of your sponsored beehive, with company branding.

  • Jars of honey from the adopted hive with a thank you message for clients or staff!

If you are interested in signing up and adopting a beehive, applications are open 365 days a year.                       or email us at onyxhoneybees@gmail.com for more information or to register your interest.

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